March to June, 2016, Update

  • Up dated 20160701

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I have sat down to blog and lots has been happening.

Cushnie Learning Centre Wildlife boxes  installation 

We would like to thank Ange and Rob for having us on the Cushnie Learning Centre to put up Wildlife boxes during April & May.

Thanks Jesus & Mary for donating a trailer full of wildlife boxes to the Cushnie Learning Centre.

The project is possible with the donations of wildlife boxes, time & expertise from Denise and Wayne Shaw and thanks you guys so much for your passions and enthusiasm in creating creature boxes and helping us learn about where best to put them.

We have some more boxes that were donated some years ago that we have brought up from Kyabra Station to go up in the coming months. Thanks everyone who helped out with resources and time.

Images below: The trailer full & collection of wildlife boxes donated by Jesus and Mary. Wayne, Denise, Pete, kids, Ange & Rob installing various boxes in various nesting spots.


We are renovating a little house in the bush and have had all kinds of things going on with it in regards to learning about how to interact with people, not compromise our vision but rather finding ways to have what we desire and come up with solutions. This has not always been easy but it has been a learning experience and we are continuing to learn as we go.

Thanks to Jesus for helping us with the design, helping us see some of the emotions driving us that cause various attractions and encouraging us to not compromise but rather seek solutions.

Thanks Corny and Trevor for most of the build, particularly to the donated time you have given at times. We really appreciate it. Also Thanks to the council who have given us time and heaps of ideas in regards to alternatives to difficult situations due to old work not being ‘done by the book’ so to speak. It is by no means finished but it is definitely underway.

Pete has been awesome giving his time and efforts to doing the first bit of landscaping and doing all the general bits and pieces he can do to help.

Attending Assistance Group 2 – Developing my Loving Self

Jesus and Mary planned an amazing 6 days of presentations in Noosaville, Queensland Australia. I found the information amazing, challenging and ‘comforting’ if it can be described as such, in that The guys made it explicit and to the point and I like knowing where I am at and what is going. the Truth is truly awesome!

This group left me in no doubt as to where I am at and what I need to do to progress in my relationship with God. I learnt some invaluable lessons about having compassion for myself and others and understand my addictions far better than I previously did. Jesus’ deconstruction process is awesome!

I notice it is easy to chuck around a heap of Divine Truth jargon and say a lot of things. Actually making soul changes takes humility, a burning passionate desire, time, sincerity, an aspiration for Truth, Faith, action and this I have not had to the required degree yet. Excitingly it can be developed. I feel more solid on what is required of me. More hopeful and a little more educated in The Way – there is infinite knowledge available so I feel my education will be never ending. The way God educates is so economical and awesome.

What I am loving about these assistance groups – are so many things – including being inspired, learning more and more about God’s personality and nature, God is Good, that is a truth to let settle in our souls! I love that I can go back again and again and visit the exact bits via YouTube that are relevant for me at any given moment. This doesn’t just go for the assistance groups. This goes for all the material that Jesus and Mary have presented over the years! I am noticing that every time I go back it is like I didn’t hear it the first time. Just goes to show how there is a difference between intellectual understanding and soul understanding!

I cannot express how awesome these groups are and what a great resource Jesus and Mary have gifted to the world!

I was also grateful for the opportunity to spend the first Assistance Group learning some Camera skills, thanks Jesus for this opportunity and Lena, Igor and Corny for helping me out and sharing your expertise behind the camera. It was a really good experience and I look forward to learning more.

I want to thank all of you who donated to me for my time behind the camera. I really appreciate it and was quite blown away by the gifts I received both materially and emotionally during the Assistance Groups! The donations covered my accommodation costs, Thank you.

God’s Way of Love Education

Peter, Tristan, the kids and I have begun a venture to create learning opportunities and document the process of working through various emotions and issues between parents and children. The children and us are working together on some experiments and ideas that we look forward to sharing more about over the next few years. It is in the infant stages and we are trailing some ideas and refining them in order to eventually have the resources and a Love based curriculum to create an example school and to be able to take into schools who are interested.

We are very excited about this venture and thank Jesus particularly for his mentoring of each of us in this process. More to come in future updates.

We would like to thank various people who are already supporting this project and have given gifts to the future school and the Learning Centre.

These include Tristan who is super passionate about the project and collaborating with us, we love working with you Tris! Jesus & Mary with ideas and mentoring. Queensland University who have donated three microscopes which will be invaluable for the Learning Centre projects and the school. And thanks to Luli for organising the microscopes for us and for her insights and information about scientific documentation.


Some super cute peacock spiders, God’s Creations are truly are amazing!!

check out the link below. Images from the website below as stated.

photos from:

Where to over the next months:

We have some exciting ventures in the pipelines which I will share more about in the near future.


The next step…


Present personal state of affairs:

Personally Pete and I are wanting to make sure we have time to just allow ourselves to feel and connect with what comes up in the course of a day and a week. Pete and I have noticed that though we have changed locations and changed our ‘life’ physically our emotional state still drives us and all the issues we had previously we still have. They don’t change until we feel and release them. So moving hasn’t changed our soul, but it has given us opportunities that we didn’t previously have and so now it is a matter of bringing our every day lives into more harmony with our long term goals.

It is so easy to ‘get busy’ to have hundred’s of things on the go. It feels much harder to stop and make time to just be with ourselves and give ourselves alone time to feel and contemplate what is going on. So we will see how we go with this over the next few months.

Making the time to grow our relationship with God first and foremost, and then our relationship with each other (our own soul) needs to become our number one priorities. We are noticing that when these areas of our life are not the main focus and are in disharmony that things do not go so well for us. It is taking time to change our old habits but we have growing aspirations for the future.

We are particularly noticing how our relationship is changing or being challenged. God’s laws destroy anything that is not in harmony with love and it feels at the moment that there is a lot to be broken down and destroyed. This is not particularly comfortable and at times I notice how much I freak out because I don’t have a clue about what it is going to be like when it is in harmony with love – control and fear of the unknown being exposed. Having a life based on the World’s view of love means that we really have no idea about what our lives will turn out like when we are in harmony with God’s love. The quality of faith needs developing!! So here’s is to growing Aspirations in a loving direction!

Love to you all,

Eloisa and Peter