Bunya Nuts

We found a local Bunya nut a few weeks ago. It was lots bigger than my head, spikey and sappy when we carried it up the hill. It was really heavy and we were intrigued to find out how it would ‘open’ and what the seeds would be like. It was the first time we had ever seen one of these extraordinary specimens.

My suggestion is to never sleep under a bunya pine when it is fruiting.

It is so exciting how many things God has created for us to discover and to figure out how they work, God’s abundance and variety blows me away.

I didn’t get a photograph of the Bunya Nut whole, but below are some photographs of it in parts and seeding.

It all just flaked apart and produced a number of seeds and a lot of mulch.

Pete found the following link written by Bruce Perkins, that has some interesting ideas to consider in regards to ‘fireless forests’ – bunya and hoop pines are species of these types of forests.


The Bunya forests are a lovely place to spend a day or two if you are in the local Kingaroy, Queensland area at anytime.


Top of Bunya nut after ‘hatching’ (half of it fell apart when it opened)


Bunya Nut Seed sprouting


Bunya Nut seed


Bunya Nut seeds


Bunya Nut mulch


Bunya Nut spike