Articles: Impacts of Livestock on the Environment & Veganism

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Brangas Steers ready for the feedlot


We were reading some articles over the last months on the impacts of livestock farming on the environment and making the choice to not eat meat (vegan).

We found them interesting and thought you may be interested too, so here they are:


Impacts of Livestock on the Environment:

George Monbiot, “Warning: your festive meal could be more damaging than a long-haul flight”


Nathan Halverson, “This Huge Loophole Helps the Meat Industry Hide its Pollution”


George Monbiot, “There’s a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think”



Jack Monrow, “My meat addiction is over: I’ve gone vegan, and it’s brilliant”

We might add to this list as we find more in the future.


P&E (Pete & Eloisa)

Note, we don’t agree with everything in these articles, but there is an opportunity to become more aware of what is really going on and feeling about the issues raised, if one so desires.

Thanks Mary for sharing and for those journalists/people who are talking about these issues

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