October 2015, Update: Personal Relationships & Possibilities

Our life has been pretty busy over the last few months.


Pete has been negotiating the sale of Kyabra Station and we are now awaiting approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. If this goes through we are planning to leave Kentucky sometime in November. The exact date will depend on how much consultation  with the new owners is needed in order to make the transition smooth.

We are packing up all our ‘stuff’ and by golly does there seem to be a lot. So now is a process of thinning out and giving away all the things we have no longer, need, want or have not used for years and packing and storing all the things that may be useful for our future endeavors.

We have been traveling between Queensland and NSW every few weeks attempting to plan and begin renovations on our little shed of a house, which seem to be continuously delayed for all sorts of reasons. So realizing that there are some lessons in love for us to learn we are now just planning and will begin ‘doing’ when we actually have some funds to do so.

20151023 prickly pair flowering

20151023 prickly pair flowering

We returned from Queensland this weekend having had the gift of listening to Jesus and Mary present Session 3 of the Partner Relationship Series FAQ’s and being involved in a personal truth session in regards to what is really going on between Pete and myself in our relationship (Reflection Questions at bottom of this blog). (Link to FAQ’s Partner Relationships for anyone who is interested in growing and really loving their partner and soulmate:  https://www.youtube.com/user/divinetruthfaq/search?query=partner+relationships)

It was so awesome to have personal feedback and to realise the focus in our relationship has been on what we can ‘get’ from one another or how we can avoid personal pain, rather than really to love one another. So interesting how self delusional we have desired to be rather than truthful and desiring to Love because we want to Love for real.

We thought going up to Queensland this last time was to begin earth works for some water tanks. What we discovered was it was to learn about love. Being in harmony with God’s Love and God’s Truth is really what is important and that every area that we are out of harmony with God’s Love and view point is an issue for us and causes major problems and disruptions in every area of our life. Hmm maybe this is what God has been gently trying to get me to see for some time: Every single thing has an opportunity to learn something about Love and God?…

Peter & Eloisa

We left the Personal Truth Session feeling encouraged and inspired to really work on all the stuff that prevents us from being emotionally close all of the time and loving one another as God Loves. Also we are observing it is very difficult to create when there is emotional unrest, bickering, competition and untruth within our relationship.

The most exciting part of listening and learning about God’s Truth in regards to Partner Relationships is that when everything feels really terrible we now have ways – that work – to actually work through our personal issues so that we can at least be friends rather than competitors and enemies all the time.

We realised that so often we are attacking ourselves or each other – which in reality is our selves if we are one soul (soul mates) – and so we are really causing a lot of pain and hurt towards our soul and this actually needs to stop if we are to actually grow and love.

Issues of Love are the most important and the very first areas that need to be given our utmost attention. We must resolve issues of Love immediately, it is of utmost importance and I observe that I often skip over issues of Love without actually understanding the full consequences of doing so. I observe that I have been avoiding resolving issues of Love and avoiding engaging and wholeheartedly embracing them and learning the lessons of Love God has been desiring to teach me.

Thank you so much Jesus and Mary for your time and having us as guests in your beautiful studio! Also for being an example of a relationship that is constantly changing for the better. You are both so wonderfully inspiring and we are so grateful for your friendship, spiritual, emotional, practical, business, and pretty much all encompassing advice in so many areas!

Thanks also to Lena and Igor for your time in filming and editing and to all those involved in producing the Divine Truth videos and data! It is such an awesome gift and opportunity for learning for those who desire to do so.

Pete and I are discovering that what we think is important and what God feels is important are often two different things which is demonstrated by the Law of Attraction in our lives every moment of every day. As Jesus says, (paraphrased) we are going to need to come to realize that our personal opinions are probably wrong and in the scheme of things don’t matter, rather it is God’s opinion and view on Love and any given situation that matters, and we need to find out why we are in disharmony with God, and why we often are even fighting with God to hold onto our wrong opinions! (obviously if your opinion is the same as God’s you won’t have any issues, but we are finding that our opinions are often opposite to God’s opinions and it has been causing a lot of pain, hurt and anguish between us.)

Directing our focus towards God’s Truth on any matter rather than our own opinion about Love is going to be so helpful if we truly engage it!

So we have the tools to now bring our personal relationship with each other into harmony with God’s Love. Our utmost thanks to God’s Messengers of Truth!!!

20150930 potential school

20150930 potential school, kids thought that learning in and under these trees would be super fun

We also have  some really exciting potential opportunities that we are beginning to research, plan and get advice on. We are  keen, with some other like minded souls, to create a God’s Way of Love Education Centre, including an Eco-Centre, a vegan Farm, an example school some time in the future, Education programs based on things we are learning, to name a few ideas we are working on. All of these will be based on Principles of God’s Truth and we are most grateful to Jesus and Mary for their advice and suggestions.

We have much to learn and the intention of setting up these projects is for the purpose of us and others (if they desire) to learn about Love, grow our souls in Love and find out where we are out of harmony with God’s Way, why this is and then engage the emotional process in order to refine our souls and grow towards God. More to come on these projects in future.

Obviously we are in the planning stages and have a whole heap of ‘great ideas’ that are in their infancy and planning stages, they have yet to become a reality and they will take some time to get up and running. We are in the process of learning a lot of new and exciting things as we begin to research and plan. So in reality we will see where these ideas lead over the next few years.

I was feeling quite excited about the new direction of our life and possible potentials and thought I would share some of our ideas, smile.

Questions from the Partner Relationship FAQ series:

I suggest watching the Partner Relationship clips to really get the most out of these questions and actually understand what the questions are really asking, but for your information they are below.

    1. What does love do?
    2. What does God’s (Pure) Love do?
    3. Do I REALLY want to love God’s Way?
    4. “What would love do?”
  1. I will ask from my own perspective:
  • What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
  • What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for my partner?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for his or her self would motivate them to do for his or her self?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for me would motivate them to do for me?

2. My partner would ask from his or her own perspective:

  • What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
  • What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for my partner?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for his or her self would motivate them to do for his or her self?
  • What do I feel my partner’s love for me would motivate them to do for me?