What is Divine Truth?

What Is Divine Truth? 

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I discovered this on my lovely friend Mary’s blog ‘Notes Along The Way’ today and feel it is a clear, concise and well articulated overview of what Divine Truth is and is not. It has heaps of great information.

I have noticed lately that many of us get caught up in things that are really unimportant in the scheme of things and that our fear dictates strange practices, thoughts, justifications and lots of other behaviours instead of going back to what it is all about:

Growing a relationship with God and an important part of this is getting to know our own soul and growing in Love and discovering God’s Laws – all very exciting and possible.

A great source for anyone who has never heard of Divine Truth and is interested in an overview of Divine Truth; great for checking out if what you thought Divine Truth was is what it really is; and great for getting excited about God, everything about God’s creations and awesomeness, your own soul, Love, God’s Laws, and heaps of other clarifying information.

Anyways it is said very well and in lots of detail on Mary’s blog and I reckon it is well worth reading a number of times to absorb and get the facts straight. From what Mary says it will be updated in future.

Thanks Jesus and Mary for sharing so openly and for being really clear! Love it!

Everyone enjoy!

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