Inspiring People: Marla Spivak – Why Bees Are Disappearing

We thought this talk was interesting and an inspiration to go out and plant a variety of native flowering seeds or plants to your area which can provide food all year round for bees and insects. It is very common in Australia to have only Spring and Summer flowering plants when in fact there are different species that flower at different times in order to provide food all year round.

Native flowering plants to the region of where you live are going to be the most beneficial and will help re-establish micro-climates and eco-systems that have been steadily decimated.

If we plant an abundance and variety of necter and pollen producing plants then we would be on our way to creating a very different environment to the one we have now. At the moment we force small creatures, birds, organisms, insects etc to have to travel long distances, with increased stress and lower breeding abundance due to having cleared out many of the essential smaller flowering flora species.

Without bees and insects there would not be a single flowering plant or any food on the planet. I feel often we desire to remain unaware of our impact on the smaller creatures, especially insects, many of whom we view as ‘pests’ or we are afraid of when actually we rely on these intelligent creatures for our very survival. We need to stop eradicating and begin prolifically encouraging as much insect life and as diverse insect life as we possibly can if we truly want to re-establish and help regenerate healthy fully functioning eco-systems.

In Australia there are so many beautiful flowering trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers and ground covers to find out about and explore which can provide food and habitat for all kinds of wondrous intelligent life to flourish.

Have a lovely day, and we encourage you to observe the beautiful smaller creatures and find out the incredible roles they play in the existence and survival of our planet (if you desire to, smile).

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