Inspiring People: Ron Finley – Guerilla Gardener

Ron Finley is a Guerilla Gardener. He is spreading the word on how to be a modern gangster, LA Style, for all those people wanting to be hip and cool, he suggests a shovel and planting seeds as ‘weapons’ of choice.

It’s hard not to be infected by his passion and we loved that he has no desire to sit around and talk about it. If you want to meet him you need bring a shovel. He is desire in action.

LA has an equivalent of 20 Central Parks in government owned land (like grass verges and ‘lots’) that could be created into a massive food forest, Ron and his mates are doing exactly that one verge at a time.

Costa Gorgiadis from Gardening Australia (ABC) has a similar idea and has created a veggie patch verge to show how it is done. You can check out ‘On The Verge’ Costa’s community garden project on google if you are interested.

It highlights the fact that we think we need to own land to grow food, when there is already so much land waiting for someone to love it!

There are so many possibilities EVERYWHERE!!!

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