How Cool is Fungi

Pete found this Ted Talk today and we thought you might be interested – it’s about fungi.

We love the living systems that Jesus introduced us to a couple of years ago. We watched the above talk and we understood more of what Jesus was teaching us about the intelligent life in the soil, air, atmosphere and fungi. Living systems are a great catalyst for re-igniting and re-invigorating fungus which creates mycelium, back into the landscape.

Who knows one day you might have an old growth forest in your own back yard.

We don’t agree with or promote everything in this talk, but there is some awesome insights into the power and importance of fungus, including some great experimentation and research Paul Stamets has done.

Paul Stamets has some books on growing fungi if you are interested in this awesome intelligent organism.  A couple of titles are: ‘Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms’ and ‘Mycelium Running’).

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