March Weekend Project {2nd & 3rd March 2013 – Day Visitors Guide}

We are currently organising our first bigger project for 2013, ‘March Weekend Project’. This is the first of hopefully many regular monthly to six weekly events we will be having at the Kyabra Learning Centre in Kentucky.

The ‘March Weekend Project’ will be a two day event from Saturday 2nd March to Sunday 3rd of March.

Below is an idea of what will be happening over the two days. You are also welcome to camp for the weekend if you would like to, but it is essential to let us know if you would like to. Please email or phone: 0267787458.
Visitors Guide
This document is designed to provide an overview of the event. If you plan to attend it is essential that you watch or listen to the orientation materials, and see the full facility and event schedule details on the blog post: Extended information
The ‘March Weekend Project’ is a two day event to be held at Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW. The week is designed to give participants an opportunity to experience hands-on experimental techniques for farming, land re-generation, and home gardening, based around principles such as:
Teaching about the land and how quickly we can change it to become more fertile, abundant and balanced.
Empowering people to do it themselves in a new way 
Educating People who are passionate about the land/environment etc, globally 
How to put love back into eco-systems, and to support eco-systems as the most effective and loving way to regenerate nature
1. If you plan to attend on any of the days please read, watch or listen to the orientation presentations found in the following link:
March Weekend Orientation Material, Transcript Or watch the videos ( go to > downloads > Scroll down to 20121106 Creating Loving Eco Systems > you can read, listen to or watch this information, there is an intro, lessons 1-7 and a conclusion to listen too lasting approx an hour to an hour and a half.
This information is designed to give you a good overview of the principles behind activities we will be undertaking during the weekend in March. If you are pressed for time the audio files give an overview. If you are interested in a broader scope and examples of the main principles in action watch the youtube videos. If you do not have the chance to watch or listen to these materials prior to arrival in March there will be a daily orientation session where you will be able to watch these. It is important that you watch or listen to this material before joining us in the field so that you have a good understanding of our ethos.
Chernobyl Life in the Dead Zone:
3. Please RSVP Via Email: if you desire to camp for any part of the duration of the project
Or Phone: Peter & Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins ph. 02 6778 7458
There are a few different projects that will be happening over the weekend and you are welcome to choose different activities on different days. Due to being widely geographically placed it will not be possible to change activities if you are only here for one day.
 * Activity 1: Re-generation and restoration of swampy land
Activity includes using some alternate methods to reduce water logging down from the paddock worked on on day one. We will focus on improving water take up through building living systems above ground and planting shrubs and bushes to absorb water.
looking down towards Re-gen site
(near bottom trees)
* Activity 2: Barbed wire Removal and Collecting ‘Food’ for Living Systems
Activity includes removing the top wire of Barbed wire from fences to reduce risk of small and large animals and birds getting caught up in it. It will also include collecting fallen trees, branches and sticks for living systems to create fertility and improve soil.
gathering living system ‘food’
*Activity 3: Waterless Home Gardening – this will be a continuation of what was begun at ‘Summerfest’ last year. It will demonstrate several techniques including fibonachi system to maximise sun and water usage of any area, designing waterflow in your garden, techniques to minimize or completely remove the need for watering, mixed planting incorporating natives both flowering and mulching, fruit trees and vegetables. Working on this project will be finishing off the first section of the Waterless Garden.
Waterless Garden in progress


Detailed Information
House Rules:
The Lytton-Hitchins family request that no meat, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs are brought onto the property. Any persons not respecting this request will be asked to leave.
Also, the family asks that each person comes with an attitude of treating others in the same manner each person who attends would like to be treated themselves.
Please arrive by 8.00am. Day Parking is available by the woolshed
Daily Briefing:
Daily briefing and orientation will start at 8am sharp in the woolshed. (Follow the drive straight down past the sheds until you see a big white building with a green roof, this is the woolshed).
Activities concerning the environment will run from 8 am to 2/2.30pm each day
On Saturday evening there will be a shared meal at 5pm and music/dancing from 6-9pm in the woolshed that you are welcome to attend if you desire. 

Sunday afternoon, there will be a short debrief after the workday is completed.

Other Information:
There may be sessions in the woolshed or conversations that include discussions about God, the Human Soul and other spiritual matters. However these will not be of long duration and any person can elect to not be present during these sessions. There will also be Karaoke, and singing presentations during the evenings.

What to Bring:
Day Visitors:
Food & Snacks:All food and snacks for self and own family
Campers: there are shower and toilet facilities available and a drinking water tank. You will need to be totally self sufficient in all other areas so bring cooking/cleaning gear, enough food, snacks, gear for all weathers for the entire weekend.
Water bottles:There will be facility to refill water bottles throughout the day but we request that each person bring 2Ltrs for themselves to start. Also please bring Hats & sun protection as there is limited shade areas out in the field.
Tools: Picks, Shovels, Forks, Rakes, and Gloves
Evening Meal:
There will be a shared meal on Saturday night at 5pm for anyone who is participating over the weekend. Please bring a plate or pot of vegan or vegetarian food to share on these occasions if you wish to join in.

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