Nesting Box Project

The nesting box project is an ongoing project that was begun at ‘Summerfest’ Nov/Dec 2012.

Volunteers from Queensland made up all sorts of boxes for various species, those that live here and those we want to encourage. In total there were nesting boxes for thirty-two different species including but not limited to: pardolotes, finches, ringtail possums, glider possums, micro bats, kookaburras, swallows, scarlet breasted robins, and robins in general, small birds, quails, and various other smaller creatures that lack hollows and nesting places.
We hope to continue this project to encourage breeding and construct homes and food sources near water supplies so it is easy for animals and birds to breed easily and abundantly all over the learning centre.
We are feel so excited with each new creature we ‘discover’ and see, each one that moves in and we hope that each creature will feel they can have a home here that is safe and secure away……
We would like to create habitat and release programmes for endangered creatures and creatures that are threatened. Also ones that used to live here but that have been moved on due to grazing, habitat clearing etc…
Pre packaged nature boxes brought down from Queensland
A constructed nature box
A nature box with its final coat of eco paint
nature boxes painted and drying in the sunshine
bat box in place
nature box in place

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