‘Summerfest’ Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time at
‘Summerfest 2012 Project’! 
We are so grateful for your time and efforts.
Thank you to Jesus and Mary and the God’s Way of Love Organisation for all their input, advice, direction and hands on and behind the scenes input. Thank you to the Team Leaders, their assistants, Tony our bus driver, all those who volunteered expertise, time and resources in all areas including pre makeing things e.g. bird boxes, transporting equipment, contributing ‘food’ – newspapers, etc for the living systems – and all the bits in between.  
We really enjoyed ourselves, learnt HEAPS and had lots of fun. Hope you did too. Enjoy implementing all the exciting experiments into your own land and gardens! 
Enjoy experimenting until we see you next, smile. 
With Thanks, from the Lytton-Hitchins Family.
Thank you to these two beautiful friends of ours for their love,
time, patience, guidance, advice and so much much more!!
Thank you to all of you who supported various parts of the
project. Thank you to the team leaders and their assistants
and all those who volunteered their time for this event.
Project manager and expert consultant.
Thank you both for your vision and enthusiasm.
Thank you to Tony our bus driver for
your time and expertise!
setting up camp. Hope you enjoyed the thunder storms,
Glad most of you stayed intact, smile.

Thank you to everyone pitched in and helped out in all sorts of ways! To those of you who worked the land, those who facilitated, organised and ran the event, those who volunteered time, energy and resources. We are so grateful for all of it!

‘Food’ for systems.
Thank you so much to everyone who contributed newspaper
and cardboard, including Bunnings, the Independent, Kentucky Store,
and others.  Thank you to Shane, Philippa, Lincon, Paul,
and all others who have trekked back and forth to the
paper shed over the last months. If you still feel like
collecting paper and cardboard and dropping it by, or we are happy
to collect it, please do we have many more systems to
fill and we would love to keep it coming!
Living system before

Living system during construction
Living System almost completed

Nesting Boxes:

bird boxes flat packed

‘Reptile Heaven’:

finished at the top
during – under construction
reptile habitat
reptile habitat

Waterless Garden:

in progress
Once again Thank you!!! We are excited about what will develop next in ‘God’s Garden’…

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