Just Another Emotion

This was an image ‘download’* I had when I heard friends of mine, Mary and AJ** talking about how fear holds us in a state of ‘suspension’ (amongst other things).

I have been reminding myself (still intellectually) that fear and terror are JUST emotions. 
I have been reminding myself that I am capable of feeling them and that in fact God has made me perfectly equipped to feel EVERY emotion that I have created within myself or that has been put within me.
This is me, suspended in terror, in a box of fear
Reminder of the Truth: fear and terror are JUST emotions

Dear God 

Please can I have the courage to look at and release the false beliefs I hold around fear and terror.
Please can I grow in courage to find out my addictions and to choose to not live in them any more!
(I don’t feel very confident about this God. I feel like I want to hold on to lots of things. Please help me to grow the courage to let go and submit to YOU God!)


*I get what I call image ‘downloads’ they are gifts from spirits I feel to illustrate to me various thoughts, ideas, concepts. I get the whole image without having to ‘think’ about it. I sort of ‘feel’ it. Sorry this is not an eloquent explanation. It is difficult to explain feelings. So I leave it lacking and maybe at some point I will be eloquent about it, smile.

** check out the Divine Truth Channel on YouTube: 20110510 Desire, Imagination, Fear & Truth Q&A Mill Park P1.

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