Avoidance Fear Desire

Written by Peter

I have noticed in the last few weeks how often I am in avoidance which is all glossed up to look like I am doing the “loving thing” for myself. I have avoided my mother and others rather than staying open – the difference is becoming very clear.

When I avoid someone there is always a fear/feeling underneath, lurking and causing damage to myself and opening me up to negative spirit influence.

When I am open, I am open to the fear/feeling and able to be in the person’s presence. If the person is unloving I am able to leave at any time while still being connected to myself rather than influenced by the spirit world and their wants.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in and out of Sydney airport. One of my major fears is when I open up to the spirit world I will see everything and everyone. No brake…..just this constant barrage of in your face spirit interaction and desperate plea’s for help. Hospitals have always been my Number One place of full on spirit intensity….my mission has been to avoid them as much as possible! Listening to AJ talking about spirit influence while in the plane and at the airport I have now decided that airports might be more of a spirit gathering Mecca than hospitals! When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Talking to my guide Angelo, he explained how passion and desire was my missing link when opening up to the spirit world. Yes I will be able to see everything, but it will be my desire and choice of how I interact. The example he gave me was this:

When I go for a bike ride through the mountains for pleasure I can choose which hills I go up, I can choose which road I take, when I stop for a break and I can choose who I talk to along the way.

My desire is now leading the way, yet I can see and feel everything.

It is the same with the spirit world. Our desire is so important as it can lead the way……….and yes I can open up to everything. If I choose not to, then the chinks in my armour will not only affect my relationship with God it will also affect my passions and desires which will be over cloaked by the spirit world.
Dear God,
I pray to stay open and feel. To make the choice to feel rather than avoid. I am weak at present. Thank you for being the guide I have always desired but have always avoided when in fear. Please can you continue to show me my fears and desires so I can open up to the real Peter full of passion and love for you.
Love and Gratitude

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