Fear and the Spirit World

Written by Peter Lyttin-Hitchins

Dear God,

It is only in the last week that I have become aware of how much I will do anything to avoid FEAR. I am only just realising how blocked I am in feeling Fear itself. I use the Spirit World to protect me at all costs from my fears……This is very funny and ironic when it is the spirit world I am so afraid and fearful of confronting in the first place.
Dear God
My Body hurts,
My heart burns,
My Spirit ‘fear protectors’ feel so strong,
and my desire to change feels so weak.
God I know I need to meet fear head on and melt into the terror that I avoid at all costs, I need to shake in the terror and truly feel my real pains. Please can you be by my side as I make this creed to open up and truly connect and feel my fears. To stop the avoidance and feel the pain and blocks trapped in my body and embrace fear itself by myself.


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