The Beginning

 Written By Peter Lytton-Hitchins

God …
Nearly everyone on the planet has an opinion, thought or feeling when this one word is mentioned.


A traditional schooling and New Age parents meant the young child in me dismissed God from a very early age. Natural love, Peace and an Indian Avatar were my mainstay. If in trouble or needing help very rarely did God get a foot in the door.
So now in my 36th year for the first time God is now taking centre stage. How does one have God as our mainstay, our leader, our real companion and “best friend”. My desire is to share our journey from self dependence/reliance to the ultimate place of God reliance. In such a place real truth, humility and pure love would be always present. Addictions and injuries will have gone, fear and terror will have melted away and passions and desires would be plentiful.
So Dear God; I desire to be humble and open to feeling and experiencing your love and connect to the real me.  I desire to emotionally connect to my Soul and Soulmate. To be vulnerable and trusting; emotionally open to processing my injuries and blocks; living in my passions and desires.
Love and Gratitude

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