Hi and welcome to the ‘Parenting Page’.

Attached are a couple of pages including a ‘Creative expression’ page where some cool ideas kids have had are shared.

A ‘Resources’ page with interesting Articles, books, resources and links that you may find of interest in regards to things to ponder in regards to Parenting Children.

And this page where I will link any blog posts in regards to parenting, children, education etc.

Below are some links that have changed and are changing our lives as we put them into practice from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We hope these may give you insights as to what you are currently doing, why you are currently doing it and how to change it to bring it into harmony with God’s Way of Love, or  Real Love.

Links to  Material and FAQ’s from Jesus about Parenting, life changing if you choose to apply it! (Has Audio recordings and also links to YouTube channels, Blog’s etc)

Divine Truth YouTube Channel (Look up Parenting Children Seminars)

Divine Truth FAQ’s (look up Parenting Children) (all the parenting information from Jesus and Mary with links in one spot)

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