The Sheep

Written by Peter

Today my morning was spent classing, drenching, foot trimming and drafting a mob of sheep into three new mobs. By lunch one of the classed mobs had been mixed up with the ones still needing to be processed.

Did I get angry……Yes, but not with the guy moving the sheep or the spirits lending a hand. I was angry with me and why I have to do everything, be responsible for everything and then the icing on the cake was my self worth. How quickly we can go from anger and self punishment to the real emotions.

In the past I would always blame the guy who made the mistake. This time it was clear.

If it negatively affects me in any way, then yes I have some injury or block that is part of the cause.

What stops me is when I am not prepared to look at myself. It is always so easy to look at others and what is going on for them.

When I am humble I am open to looking at myself and whats going on for me. How can you really feel without being humble?

So Dear God

Thank you for showing me my blocks today, for giving me the help I needed to open up to my Soul and feel just a little bit more……Thank You for your Love

With Love and Gratitude

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